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Fenstertaschen und Packtaschen

Just pack it up.


Easy to attach and can be combined as desired

Our window covers are easy to affix after the mounting system has been installed. Before attaching, all you have to do is move the Velcro pads to the bottom mounting fixture. When hanging up bags, you don’t have to remove the window covers, but you can just leave them attached on the mounting system.

You can also roll the covers up and fix them in place, as a matter of course.

Both sides of our window covers are made from the same fabric as our bags, ensuring the perfect look from both sides of the window.

With Felleisen, you can create the combination you desire: two bags, two window covers or one bag and one window cover... as you prefer. Everything fits perfectly – left, right or even one on top of the other.

Extra storage space

We’ve also added pockets to our window covers for your mobile phone and all your bits and bobs. Two small ones at the top and a larger one which fastens at the bottom, perfect for storing life’s essentials.

The perfect solution for the Cali Beach with a two-seater rear bench, as well as the Ocean and Coast

In the Cali Beach, there’s no longer space for a window bag between the two-seater rear bench and window. But with Felleisen, you can opt for the combination of a window bag and window cover, something you can also do in the Cali Ocean and Coast.
This solution provides more storage space, is cheaper than buying a narrow bag and means that you can let light into your vehicle at any time. You can also save any bother when folding down the seat, as you can always remove the bag where necessary. Things are just as simple and brilliant when using a mattress.

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