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The story beyond

The word actually comes from the French “valise”. It was a kind of satchel once used by travelling journeymen to carry all sorts of important and valuable items on their travels – a travel bag that could be relied on. Post bags and riding satchels were also known as Felleisen. We’ve decided to give this old word a new lease of life, representing the antithesis to today’s hectic world, as, at the end of the day, you should be able to kick back and relax when taking a trip in your van and to do so, you need a storage bag you can rely on.

About us

As outdoor enthusiasts, we weren’t particularly impressed with what the market had to offer when it came to window bags. As you can tell from our products, we’re no glampers, but true outdoorists. It’s not enough for a product to look good, it has to be practical as well.
We asked ourselves why a window bag has to only function as a window bag? Why does it have to be too large and heavy when packed? Why can’t it be possible to take a window bag down quickly and conveniently?  When taking a ferry or staying in fixed accommodation, it would be great to be able to quickly detach a window bag. If the rear seat were to be folded down, the bag would jut out into the vehicle, so it should also be possible to hang it on the front seats. It should also be possible to use and access the bag from the rear seat or boot.

And so, in 2017, we decided to design our own window bag, with multiple functions and more features, breaking the mould in doing so. The result: the BasicONE, an almost indestructible bag thanks to our sharp focus on local production, top-of-the-range materials, function and quality.

Our patented mounting system is extremely robust, lightweight and elegant and, above all, it only has to be installed once. What’s more, there’s no need to stick any kind of Velcro to the interior of your van. But it didn’t end there: we also had to devise a simple and stable way of attaching the bags. After lots of experimentation with various attachment systems, we found that there was nothing better than simple elasticated bands - easy to replace and also easy to repair oneself in the event of an emergency.

As fans of both the outdoors and VW vans, we hope that our product has been able to win you over. From now on, a window bag is no longer just a window bag - it is more, it is better and it is multifunctional.

The Felleisen team

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