News and updates

We are constantly working on the further development of our bag systems, on new innovative solutions and useful features for travel, life and experiences in the bus or van.
Here we would like to keep you informed about new ideas and developments.

A note at this point:

We get a lot of inquiries from you when this or that product is available in the shop and yes, we are happy about the great response to our ideas and products!
Unfortunately, although we have our products produced almost exclusively in Germany and nearby Europe, we are also feeling the effects of the current supply chain problems and are therefore usually unable to say exactly when the news will reach us.
As soon as we know exactly, we will update it here and activate it in the shop as soon as possible.

Seat organizer with click-on system

We have been waiting impatiently for the prototype to arrive.
Now it´s finally here!
The flexible and versatile seat organizer that fits behind almost any front seat.
Depending on the type of trip or your needs, you can equip the basic module with a whole range of versatile bags.
It doesn´t matter whether you are taking a short trip to the North Sea, whether you& are going for a swim at the lake or whether you are going on a month-long trip to Europe. No matter whether you are traveling with a dog, child or alone. Put together the perfect bag system and simply pack it!

In addition to the new bags, such as the wash bag or the smart Loki toilet bag, our proven BasicZwo can also be attached to the basic module.
Our organizer has a simple click-on system. No Velcro, no snaps. The pockets can be easily clicked in and released again.


Bag system for the middle window in the California
Soon we will bring a carrier system for the middle side window of the California series. The system is compatible with the bags for the Click on system. The special thing about it is that the function of the sliding window is not impaired.


Bag system for Caddy V Maxi
A bag system for the Caddy V Maxi will be available in early 2023.