Coming SOON

The Felleisen system:

We are gradually expanding our bag system, while everything remains compatible with our carrier or bags. Here you will find a small update on what we are planning or which prototypes are already being tested by us.


... comes in a few weeks

Window bags for Caddy (short wheelbase)

The time will come in a few weeks. The window bags for the short wheelbase Caddy will be available.


Caddy mit kurzem Radstand (Abb. ähnlich)

Spring 2021

Our roof bags in preview

...suitable for California Beach

The first flexible roof bag system.

- three individual bags, each bag can be removed individually

- the bags are accessible from both sides

- free view when bags are removed

- only four holes for fastening the substructure

- additional mesh pocket on the bottom



Unsere Dachtaschen im Preview
Unsere Dachtaschen im Preview (Abb. ähnlich).
Unsere Dachtaschen im Preview (Abb. ähnlich).