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News and updates

We are constantly working on the further development of our bag systems, on new innovative solutions and useful features for travel, life and experiences in the bus or van.
Here we would like to keep you informed about new ideas and developments.

A note at this point:

We get a lot of inquiries from you when this or that product is available in the shop and yes, we are happy about the great response to our ideas and products!
Unfortunately, although we have our products produced almost exclusively in Germany and nearby Europe, we are also feeling the effects of the current supply chain problems and are therefore usually unable to say exactly when the news will reach us.
As soon as we know exactly, we will update it here and activate it in the shop as soon as possible.

Organizer with click-on system for California Beach with 2-seater bench

The click-on system will soon be available for the back seat of the California Beach. For now only for the 2-bank. The top feature of the system will be that the seat, including the organizer and bags, can be folded down.


Click-on Organizer for Ducato
Of course we are expanding the range of the Organizers also on the cockpit seat. The first version will be for the Ducato and identical vehicles.


Bag system for Caddy V Maxi
A bag system for the Caddy V Maxi will be available in early 2023.


Bag XL for airline rails
A larger airline rail bag is coming soon - along with its own heavy duty adapter. Nevertheless, the bag will have the click-on system and be easy to remove and close, typical of FELLEISEN. Thus, for the first time, a bag system with a high degree of flexibility is also available to van converters which work with airline rails.


Bag system for Berlingo XL
Q2 of 2023 bag system for the Berlingo XL will be available in early 2023.


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