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Fur iron


All Felleisen carrier systems are attached to the vehicle without drilling, gluing or other irrevesible changes. The carriers are only clamped.

Due to manufacturing tolerances between different textile rolls, there may be color nuances between the products (e.g. flexbag bag or curtain bag). This does not represent a defect. In most cases, the shade is barely visible. Structurally identical bags are only delivered from one roll without any color deviations.

Universal Mountingsystem


for T5.1/T5.2/T6.0/T.6.1


Crosscamp-Lite SPECIAL

399€ incl. Thermocovers


Exclusively for Switzerland:

A selection of our products for the California are now available at the Büssli shop.



for T5.1/T5.2/T6.0/T.6.1 und Spacecamper

 Transporter (Kombi, short whell version)-Shop

for T5.1/T5.2/T6.0/T.6.1

Multivan/Caravelle long whell version

for T5.1/T5.2/T6.0/T.6.1

Transporter-Kombi long wheel version

for T5.1/T5.2/T6.0/T.6.1

Campster / Vanster / Crosscamp

Caddy 4 shop
Window pockets for Caddy Maxi 4 and Caddy 4
Due to the strong demand, the caddy products are sold out very quickly. But there are always goods in the inflow. Just drop by often.

Which system now fits in my vehicle / special vehicle?

I have a vehicle that has been converted or I am unsure which system I need.

Only available in german