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The environment

Let’s be frank...



Any packaging we receive, we reuse for shipping our products. As we cut, fold and stick this together ourselves, it may mean that what’s inside the shipping box does not always look super chic; writing or random stickers often appear on the top of the cardboard. But we think that’s reasonable.

The following products are new for shipment: tape, bubble wrap (in part), cardboard.

Mounting system – “zero” km

The mounting system is produced in a small metalworking factory in our close proximity. There is no additional journey necessary to powder-coat the products, which means that the mounting system does not travel unnecessarily.


We source our screws (M5) exclusively from a specialist dealer in Franconia. They’re not the cheapest, but this specialist dealer leaves nothing to be desired.

Thermocovers – “15km”

Our thermocovers are produced in Franconia according to traditional sewing methods. The tailoring shop is located 15km away and it’s not uncommon for us to take the products along with us on our bicycle rides and then send them on their way to you.

Bags – “8km”

Our bags are manufactured abroad, unfortunately there’s no way around that. However, we do make sure that we act in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Prototype manufacture, storage and the entire infrastructure for our bags are located within a radius of 8000m.

Our BasicONE bags are 100% recyclable. If you wish to do so, the plastic and metal parts can be separated, which makes the entire process a whole lot easier. No board is welded or stuck on – no composite material is built in.

The following information and installation guides are only available in german.

Ein Wort zum Thema EPDM-Puffer
Die meisten unsere Puffer sind EPDM-Puffer. EPDM hat den Vorteil über einen weiten Temperaturebereich flexible zu bleiben und keine Versprödungerscheinungen, auch über einen sehr langen Zeitraum, zu zeigen. Ferner zeigt es keinerlei Ausdünstungen in den Fahrgastraum. Aus diesem Gründen ist dieses Material im Fahrzeugbau sehr beliebt.
Jedoch hat EPDM auch einen Nachteil. Das Material neigt, vor allem im Neuzustand, zum Kreiden, sprich zum leichten Abfärben. In der Regel lassen sich die Abdrücke mit warmen Wasser und einem Schwam leicht wieder abwischen und zwar rückstandslos. 
Wir glaube, dass es besser ist, ein paar abwischbare Abdrücke im Fahrzeug zu haben, als dauerhafte Kratzer.
Die Puffer (beim Hängkrok und Smutje) drücken sich leicht in den Rand des Betts (Unterseite). Der Vorteil der eingesetzten Puffer ist aber, dass selbst bei hochgeklapptem Bett weder das Smutje noch der Kleiderhaken verrutscht. Das ist vor allem bei der Nutzung des Smutje ein großer Vorteil.

Install Video of the Carriersystem

Installation details T5.2 With sun blind

- Brackets reach behind the vehicle's fairing.
- The upper beam strut does not collide with the suspension of the sun blinds.
- Ideally, the wearer's foot sits in the middle of the handle of the roller blind. However, the position can also deviate slightly, so that the foot sits off-center.
- IMPORTANT: With the skate iron system, the wearer only holds the bag in position. The weight of the bags bears the  Vehicle fairing, not the carrier.

Analysis results of our textile
We ask for your understanding that we are only showing the analysis results here. With a full copy of the certificate, our supply chain would be visible.

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