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Felleisen - Campingzubehör

Just pack it up.

Information and installation guides


A word about EPDM buffers

Most of our buffers are EPDM buffers. EPDM has the advantage of remaining flexible over a wide temperature range and showing no signs of embrittlement, even over a very long period of time. Furthermore, it does not emit any vapours into the passenger compartment. For these reasons, this material is very popular in vehicle construction.
However, EPDM also has a disadvantage. The material tends to chalk, i.e. to discolour slightly, especially when new. As a rule, the marks can be easily wiped off with warm water and a sponge, leaving no residue.
We believe that it is better to have a few wipe-off marks in the vehicle than permanent scratches.
The bumpers (on the Hängkrok and Smutje) press slightly into the edge of the bed (underside). However, the advantage of using the bumpers is that neither the Smutje nor the coat hook slips even when the bed is folded up. This is a great advantage, especially when using the Smutje.

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Install Video of the Carriersystem


Made in EU

Let’s be frank...



Any packaging we receive, we reuse for shipping our products. As we cut, fold and stick this together ourselves, it may mean that what’s inside the shipping box does not always look super chic; writing or random stickers often appear on the top of the cardboard. But we think that’s reasonable.

The following products are new for shipment: tape, bubble wrap (in part), cardboard.

Metal parts

The mounting system is produced in a small metalworking factory in our close proximity. There is no additional journey necessary to powder-coat the products, which means that the mounting system does not travel unnecessarily.


Our screws are made in Germany by a small manufacturer which is able to produce black stainless steel screws.

Thermo covers and bags

In 2021, we decided to stop importing goods from Asia with unclear production conditions. Our bags are now 100% made in Europe. This also applies to the fabric itself, which we now manufacture in Europe. Our fabrics comply with the OekoTex Standard 100.

Installation details T5.2 With sun blind

- Brackets reach behind the vehicle's fairing.
- The upper beam strut does not collide with the suspension of the sun blinds.
- Ideally, the wearer's foot sits in the middle of the handle of the roller blind. However, the position can also deviate slightly, so that the foot sits off-center.
- IMPORTANT: With the skate iron system, the wearer only holds the bag in position. The weight of the bags bears the  Vehicle fairing, not the carrier.

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