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Universal mounting system


THE universal carrier - the solution for all vehicle converters and hobbyists

Our lasered aluminum carrier is simply mounted in the vehicle. The black matt powder coating gives the bag holder an elegant design. The carrier is made in a small metal factory in beautiful Middle Franconia.
Carrier for two bags:
The aluminum carrier consists of an upper strut and a lower strut with two supports. Various holes are already provided in both struts to attach the carrier to a wall in your van. You need approx. 800mm width and 400mm height to be able to mount the carrier system.
The mounted holder can hold two BasicONE bags.
FreeSolo - the universal carrier for just one bag:
The FreeSolo is worked in the same way as the above carrier, but can only take one BasicONE bag. The FreeSolo is designed for smaller vehicles or structural gaps in the vehicle as well as for rear doors, for example. The width is 40cm, installation height 41cm.

The shelves

The shelves are also laser-cut from aluminum and connected to the lower strut with quality hinges. If no bags are attached, the rack can serve as shelves. Especially if the vehicle has been converted to sleep. A felt cover with a small compartment and elastic straps can be used to tidy up cell phones, e-readers, etc. We have also provided a small loop for e.g. to hang your glasses on. The shelves include a cup holder. The folding function is absolutely ingenious. If you are traveling without bags, you can simply fold up the racks. The racks are held up by magnets and you have maximum storage space available in your van and nothing looms in the loading area.


The mounting systeem includes magnetic fasteners which may be harmful to those with pace makers, icd devices or other medical implants.

Necessary width 800mm, height 420mm for FELLEISEN bags. Depth of the racks max 130mm.
The felt is removeable for cleaning.


Surface: matt black powder-coated

Material: 3mm aluminum lasered and shaped, 4mm and 5mm insert nuts

Hinges: industrial standard

Screws: M4 burnished, hexagon socket

Other: magnets are covered

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