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• the patented ultra-light overhead locker bag for airline rail systems

• removable

• ultralight

• flexible mounting options thanks to adjustable aluminum slides

• the optimal addition to the Bag XL


Roofbag for airline rails

VAT Included |
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  • The Roofbag is a roof cabinet system for vans. Thanks to the variety of adjustment options, the bag can be flexibly mounted using movable aluminum slides. The bag is simply hung on two straps using two YKK fasteners; a magnetic mechanical fastener on the back prevents the bag from pivoting.

    The aluminum carriages can be rotated as desired, so it doesn't matter whether the airline rail is mounted in the direction of travel or perpendicular to it. At the same time, the bag's straps can be adjusted four times. For mounting several bags next to each other, we also offer a double holder so that one bag can be hung on the other without wasting important space.

    The system is delivered pre-assembled by us and can be attached to an aluminum rail within a few minutes. You can also find suitable slot nuts in our shop.

    Bag dimensions: 40cm x 30cm x 30cm, the back is cut diagonally at the top so that the spars of the van body do not interfere.

    The middle bottom of the roof bag is removable.

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