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• The perfect bag system for your van life with real outdoor qualities

• Pockets with backpack function that can be removed quickly and easily

• Patented, extremely stable carrier system

• No gluing, drilling, unsafe suction cups or Velcro

    Multivan LR set of 6 (both sides)

    VAT Included |
    thermo cover
    • This skin iron set consists of 2 carrier systems for three bags on each side of the vehicle and optionally the following bag combinations:

      6 x BasicOne bag

      4 x BasicOne and 2 x BasicVario bags

      2 x BasicOne bag and 4 x BasicVario bag

      6 x Basic Vario

      This system fits the Multivan / Caravelle T5/T6 with long wheelbase and interior trim.

      Not suitable for vehicles without interior lining! Our van products fit these vehicles.

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