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Hilla - the shelf for the Multivan. Is simply mounted in the vehicle instead of the handle.

Hilla - the shelf for the Multivan

SKU: HIT 0005 05
VAT Included |
  • The Hilla is the shelf for the Multivan and the Caravelle. It has a textile cover and elastic bands on the inside ensure that everything stays in place. A felt pad prevents annoying rattling of objects while driving.

    Dimensions:  30x12x14cm.

  • The Hilla consists of two components, the shelf and the holder. 

    The holder is simply screwed in instead of a handle. Here we use the original screws. The holder itself has two ultra-flat mounts, on which the Hilla is easily hung.

    A notice:

    We advise against mounting the Hilla above the driver or passenger. Please also note that no head airbag is obstructed. Be sure to check your vehicle's owner's manual. The Hilla contains magnetic fasteners that can harm people with pacemakers, icd devices or other medical implants.

    When releasing the shelf,  only needs to be pulled on the release strap. Do not tilt the shelf.

    You can find more details about the installation here: Hilla

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