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• The supplement for the organizer

• Adapter plate for our bags with Click on system

• Optional with magnetic pad




VAT Included |
  • This adapter is for all bags with Click-on System and can be attached to any standard headrest.

    Color: Plate and magnetic adapter are always in black. You can choose between black and grey for the rest of the felt. The colors are same as for the baseplate.


    IMPORTANT: The adapter is attached with a Velcro strap. After installation, there is no longer any velcro tape exposed, so that no clothing can be damaged. We recommend, if available, to fold up the roof/bed during assembly and to ensure that the Velcro does not come into contact with the headliner.


    Magnetic pad for the individual bags from the organizer range. The rotation of the individual bags around the suspension point is prevented by the magenta pad.

    The product contains magnetic fasteners that may harm people with pacemakers, icd devices or other medical implants.

  • If the seats are turned while camping, some of your bags will be difficult to reach. Very often, however, the driver's seat remains in the "driving position" or the seat is not folded down. In order to always be able to reach your washbag, for example, you can now attach the adapter to the headrest and always have optimal access to your bags.

    Of course, the headrest adapter can also be used as an addition to the organizer, for example to make optimal use of the three headrests on the three-seater bench.

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