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• The perfect bag system for your van life with real outdoor qualities

• bags with backpack function that can be removed quickly and easily

• Patented, extremely stable carrier system

• No gluing, drilling, unsafe suction cups or Velcro

Ford Transit Custom (L1) - bag set

VAT Included |
  • The bag set is suitable for the following vehicles:

    • Ford Transit Custom station wagon (with window) from 2018 onwardswithout air conditioning duct

    • Ford Transit Custom panel van passenger car (without  windows), built after 2018without air conditioning duct

    • Ford Transit Custom panel van truck made after 2018without air conditioning duct

    • Dethleff's Globevan ONE/TWO

    • Dethleff's Globevan Trail ONE/TWO

    The set is identical for the driver and passenger side, only the thermal mats are cut differently.

    Note on the air conditioning duct:If you have an air conditioning duct on the driver's side in the rear area, our set will not fit there. You need pure sheet metal cladding on both sides. But you can mount the set for the passenger side.

    Note on the seat:Our pocket is 150mm deep. The belt of the second row of seats collides with the bags. It is possible to push the pockets slightly outwards so that the seats can be moved or folded down.

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