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• The ClickOn system for all smooth surfaces.

• Easy attachment of the base plate with minimal adhesive surface

• Maximum flexibility

• NO Velcro


Click on system with Stickit

SKU: ORG 9045 00
VAT Included |
  • The adhesive system that gets by with the smallest adhesive surface. Suitable for all plastic surfaces in the camping area. A 50mm wide adhesive strip is attached with special hooks (no Velcro). The small baseplate, which has a fleece sewn on the back, can be attached to these. So it is possible to correct even if the adhesive tape is crooked with the base. Depending on the version, you have one or two click-on points available.

    A notice:

    The connection between the adhesive strip and fleece can be undone several hundred times. Nevertheless, this is designed as a permanent connection.

    The adhesive on our adhesive strips is suitable for almost any surface. This is unsuitable for pure ABS. The adhesive is ideal for ABS blends.


    The adhesive holds up to a temperature of over 80°C. We have designed the whole thing in such a way that the base detaches from the hook tape before the adhesive strength decreases. Maximum load 2kg.

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