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• The ideal solution for all do-it-yourself builders

• Adapter plate for our bags with click on system

• Suitable for mounting on cabinets and for the airline rails

• Optional with magnetic pad



"Click-on" adapter plate for mounting under a wall cabinet or airline rail

VAT Included |
  • This adapter plate is for all bags mit Click on-System and can be attached both e.g. under a cupboard and on a classic airline rail. The adapter plate can be attached to a horizontal airline rail or attached to a hanging one.

    The adapter plate has a total of three elongated holes, each 30mm x 6mm.


    Magnetic pad for the individual bags from the organizer range. The rotation of the individual bags around the suspension point is prevented by the magenta pad.

    Dimension of the adapter plate:

    Dimensions: W 22 x H 10.5cm x D 5cm

    The product contains magnetic fasteners that may harm people with pacemakers, icd devices or other medical implants.

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