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• reliably secures your bike on the rear or hitch carrier

• break-proof

• Safe lock picking

• powder-coated stainless steel (partially)

Bikeloc - the anti-theft device

SKU: ZBH 9500 00
VAT Included |
  • The BIKELOC reliably protects your bike from theft. It prevents the carrier retaining clip from opening. This makes it impossible to remove the wheel. The BIKELOC cannot be opened by violence and it is not possible to open the built-in quality lock with lock picking tools.

    The Bikeloc is the safest way to protect your bike. Compared to most classic bike locks, the BIKELOC offers a significantly higher security standard.

    The BIKELOC can remain installed while riding and normally has no contact with any parts of the bike. All essential components are also provided with edge protection.

    Weight: 1.1kg

    Dimensions: 140mm x 150mm x 75mm

    Material: stainless steel, partly powder-coated

    Lock: Pickproof quality lock, two keys


    This product is protected by copyright.


  • The BIKELOC has so far been tested for the following bike holders:

    VW T6.1 original carrier or all THULE wheel carriers with the following holding arms:

    Thule spare part number: 1500050952 and 1500050954

    We haven't tested all bike holders yet, but the BIKELOC was designed to fit almost any bike holder.

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