The optimum of storage space for the California Coast and Ocean


Flexbag - the flexible all-purpose bag

The Flexbag can be used for an array of different purposes and can be implemented instead of or in addition to a window bag. The Flexbag is fully compatible with our Felleisen mounting system as a matter of course and is therefore suitable for Multivan, Caravelle and all California models.

Best-suited to California Beach with the 2-seater rear bench, Ocean, Coast and Caravelle.

The Flexbag includes magnetic fasteners which may be harmful to those with pace makers, icd devices or other medical implants.

More than meets the eye


The Flexbag can do more than meets the eye. It is basically a 3l tube bag, hung up with four elasticated bands. A small pocket has been sewn onto the bag, to be used to store your mobile phone, for example. You can store light objects behind the bag, pack the bag itself and on the front there is also space for other bits and bobs.

Please note: The photos show the Flexbag with a black thermocover behind. This is not included and must be purchased separately. The Flexbag does not provide complete coverage for the window.

Flexbag mit Rucksack
Flexbag mit Jacke
Das Flexbag, optimal für Radhelme

Easy to attach and even easier to use

To attach the Flexbag, its fasteners must first be affixed to the Felleisen mounting system. You only have to do this once. The fasteners use a magnetic mechanism which locks in place completely automatically – it doesn’t get any easier. Removing the Flexbag is also quick and easy, or you could also choose to hang a window bag over an empty Flexbag. The fasteners, once attached, can remain as a permanent fixture on the mounting system.

Verschlüsse für das Flexbag
Flexbag mit Jacke

For California Ocean/Coast or Beach with the 2-seater rear bench

Where there is no room for a conventional bag, the Flexbag comes into play – beside the two-seater rear benches in the California series, for example. As such, the Flexbag is an optimal alternative to our window cover. The storage volume offered by the Flexbag is significantly greater than with conventional narrow bags for the two-seater rear bench models (e.g. a bag at only 10cm in width). What’s more, it’s easier to access anything you've stored there and there are no problems when it comes to moving the seat.

For Caravelle/Spacecamper...

For the Caravelle, the Flexbag can be installed behind the seatbelt attachment without it needing to be removed. Our Multivan mounting system extends behind the seatbelt and doesn’t affect its functionality.

We recommend...

We recommend also using one of our thermocovers to protect the window.