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Fenstertaschen für T5 und T6

Just pack it up.


Flexbag - universally applicable

The Flexbag can be used universally. It is suitable as an independent window pocket replacement or as a supplement to an existing window pocket.   Of course, the Flexbag is 100% compatible with our skin iron carrier system and is therefore suitable for Multivan, Caravelle and all California models.

Ideal for California Beach with 2-seater bench, Ocean, Coast and Caravelle.

From May 2022, the attachment of the flexbag has been revised. Instead of magnetic closures, so-called G-hooks (metal hooks) are now used. Thanks to the new fastening system, the Flexbag can be used even more variably.


Flexbag - Die Funktionen

Flexbag - Die Funktionen

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