The mounting system for Campster, Vanster, Spacetourer, Traveller...

The mounting System

Not only is our laser-cut aluminium mounting system easy to install into your vehicle, but it is also sophisticated in style thanks to its matte-black powder coating. Produced in a small metalworking factory located in the beautiful region of Middle Franconia, the mounting system has been designed so that it can be easily installed in your vehicle at a low height and fits to perfection. No Velcro strips need to be attached, no holes need to be drilled and no blocks need to be clamped on: in other words, you do not have to make any structural changes to your vehicle. The brackets simply fit behind the cladding. All components are robust, durable and made from metal. The mounting system can be installed on either the driver side or passenger side and takes around 10 minutes to set up and 1 minute to take down.

Trägersystem im Toyota Proace Verso
Das Trägersystem

The mounting brackets

There are four stainless steel brackets which fit behind the vehicle cladding, with spacers also being mounted as cladding protection. The brackets located in the middle of the system are purely used for the bag holders.

Three different brackets are needed in total:

- two mounted facing towards the front of the vehicle (for the elasticated bands and to fix the mounting system to the vehicle).

- two mounted facing towards the rear of the vehicle (purely to fix the system to the vehicle).

- two in the middle of the system (for elasticated bands).

A clever system: despite the location of the seatbelt, it can be installed on either side of the vehicle as it is easy to reposition.

Winkel in Fahrtrichtung
Winkel in der Mitte des Trägers
Winkel in Richtung der Heckklappe

Clear Vision

The mounting system is shaped so that it causes minimal disruption to your view through the window and does not otherwise restrict how you use the van from day to day. There’s no dark screen blocking your outside view when the bags have been removed, meaning you can feel free to leave the mounting system installed in your vehicle year-round.

What else can our mounting systems do?

You can also use our mounting systems to hang an array of other items, from your clothes line to your toiletries bag, and they can even be put to good use for many other things when they’re not being used to hold bags.

Details on the mounting system

Please note:

Due to the design of the window, it may not always be possible to use the hooks featured on the mounting system for fixing the elasticated bands in place, as the bands may be too far away from the hooks and so would have to be stretched too tightly.  We have included the hooks nevertheless (see “Neat and tidy” in the section on the California mounting system).


Surface: Matte-black powder coating

Material: 3mm aluminium laser-cut and shaped, 5mm insert nuts

Dimensions L 510 mm without brackets, H 300 mm minimal (adjustabel over 35 mml)*

Brackets: stainlessteel

Screws: M5 burnished, hexagonal socket

Sound insulation and interior protection with silicone/epdm dampeners