The mounting system for long-wheelbase Multivan and Caravelle (T5.1/T5.2/T6/T6.1)

The mounting system for long-wheelbase Multivan and Caravelle

We have also devised a mounting system for long-wheelbase Multivan and Caravelle vans. It can hold up to three BasicONE bags – in other words, there’s storage space aplenty – and two feet provide the required stability. With the Caravelle, the mounting system runs behind the seat belt attachment. Our system only works with vehicles which have interior cladding.

All components are robust, durable and made from metal. The system takes around 10 minutes to set up and can be taken down in just 1 minute.

Drei BasicONE-Taschen im Multivan
BasicONE im Multivan
Drei Taschen bieten viel Stauraum
Das Felleisen-Trägersystem für den langen Radstand
Der Fuß des Trägers


The particular thing about the Caravelle is that it has seat belts installed in the window. But that doesn't pose a problem for Felleisen: our mounting system runs behind the seat belt attachment. You can either leave the middle section of the system unoccupied, or mount our flexbag.  What’s more, we have also cooked up a little something for those DIY-enthusiasts out there (check out the next section).

Bei der Caravelle muss das mittlere Feld frei bleiben

For our DIY-enthusiasts

We love those who love getting stuck in, that’s why we’ve built in a feature just for you. We have installed four M5 insert nuts into each section of the mounting system (three sections total) to make it easy for you to screw on an aluminium or wooden board, for example. Grab a board, make four holes and use our four M5 screws, and there you have it. Whatever you're thinking of, you’ll be able to screw it onto our mounting system with its 12 handy attachment points. Why not post about your creations in our forum – we’d love to hear about them.

Der Träger für Bastler

Neat and tidy

For each of the brackets, we have integrated a small hook into the mounting system to make sure that the elasticated bands don’t stick out into the vehicle. If they're not being used to hold a bag, simply hook the elasticated bands on to tidy them away. This prevents bothersome parts from jutting out into the vehicle and makes for a neat and tidy appearance.

Detail des Trägers

Clear vision

The mounting system is shaped so that it causes minimal disruption to your view through the window and does not otherwise restrict how you use the van from day to day. There’s no dark screen blocking your outside view when the bags have been removed, meaning you can feel free to leave the mounting system installed in your vehicle year-round.

What else can our mounting systems do?

You can also use our mounting systems to hang an array of other items, from your clothes line to your toiletries bag, and they can even be put to good use for many other things when they’re not being used to hold bags.

Details on the mounting system:

Wichtiger Hinweis:

If you set up the mounting system in a Multivan, it will no longer be possible to use the sunscreen blind. With the California, the roller blind cannot be used in combination with the system..


Surface: Matte-black powder coating

Material: 3mm aluminium laser-cut and shaped, 5mm insert nuts

Brackets: stainless steel

Screws: Burnished M5, hexagonal socket

Sonstiges: Sound insulation and interior protection with silicone/epdm dampeners