ThermoCovers for Multivan

Thermocovers for Multivan

Our thermocovers are also compatible with the Felleisen system. These covers provide insulation as well as protection from the sun’s rays.
They are simply attached between the window and the Felleisen mounting system and can even be affixed or removed with the mounting system installed.
Please note: with the Multivan version, a small light gap remains in the top corner closest to the boot.
The thermocovers are available in two colours – jet black and platinum grey.


Thermomatte für Multivan
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Thermomatte im Detail
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Thermomatte Multivan
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Thermomatte Multivan
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Farben für die Thermomatten
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More details

Our thermal cover is made up of three layers

Outer fabric - Thermofleece - Inner fabric

The fabric is UV-resistant and water-repellent. The thermal covers are handmade. Each thermal cover can be rolled or folded and has no metallic components.
The mats are simply mounted behind the carrier after the mounting system has been installed.
For cleaning, we recommend brushing off coarse dirt and then wiping the covers with a damp cloth.

One thermocover, three parts

Our thermocover has a three-part construction. The left and right pieces are attached to the front of the middle section with Velcro. At the bottom, all the pieces are sewn together. This makes it possible for the thermocover to be affixed and removed even when the mounting system is installed.
Symbols sewn onto the cover indicate the side on which the covers belong.