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The extraordinary treat shelf for the Campster/Vanster/Crosscamp.

• Detachable, two-part bag

• New and innovative fastening system


The other items shown in the photos are for decoration purposes and are not included in the purchase price.

Stuva - the treat shelf for the Campster/Vanster/Spacetourer

VAT Included |
color combination(Textil/Aluhalter)
  • With the STUVA, not only is an angle pushed under the sealing lip of the step, but the holder is also fixed in a form-fitting manner with an additional counter angle. As a result, the shelf stays in place even in the toughest everyday camping life.

    In addition, the angular construction allows the shelf to be moved closer to the bench or the sliding door.

  • The bag is attached to the holder by two mechanical-magnetic fasteners. This allows the bag to be easily detached from the holding system. So you can load the bag first and later conveniently attach it to the vehicle.

    The bag is divided into two and holds approx. 14l. The lower part can be loaded through an opening on the side and offers you plenty of space for everyday camping. The upper and slightly smaller part of the bag can be conveniently loaded from the top of the seat. Rubber cords on the top are used to fix mobile devices and small items. The two bag parts cannot be separated. A shoulder strap is also on board.

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