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The innovative window cover for vans.

 • Magnetic fastening

 • with ventilation function

 • Storm-proof by ropes over wheels

 • Only 2 kg weight (cockpit)

 • Anti-theft fastening

 • Door opening remains possible

Shelter Comfort for VWT5/T6/6/T6.1

SKU: SHC 5100 04
VAT Included |
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  • The Shelter Comfort can be attached in just a few minutes thanks to its magnetic fastening. We do not use Velcro and no adhesive strips are attached. The strong magnets ensure that the cover is already securely attached to the vehicle. If it gets a bit windy, you also have the option of securing it over the wheels.

     The door parts are also attached magnetically. Air in - mosquitoes stay outside. The window parts can be rolled up for ventilation, so that the side windows can be lowered and perfect ventilation is guaranteed. A mosquito net protects against uninvited guests. This also works at slight rain, as the rolled up cover acts as a rain cover and gutter.

     The side panels and windshield are darkened separately so that the door can be opened.

     Door locks and windshield wipers are completely covered.

     Weight: approx. 2kg

     Dimensions: 40x15cm

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