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The universal storage bag. Can be attached to any pole, grab handle or similar in the vehicle using a variety of mounting options. Securely closable with an elastic band.

SÄCK - the universal storage bag

VAT Included |
  • The SÄCK is a universal storage bag. A variety of Velcro fasteners and loops are attached to the back, which allow a secure attachment to any bar or handle.  An elastic band allows you to close the SACK securely. We recommend our Hängkrok Special for the SÄCK. You will find it here:  Hängkrok Special

     Please note when attaching the SÄCK that the field of vision may be impaired. For example, we advise against attaching the SÄCK to the grab handle on the passenger side in the T6/T5, as this impairs the driver's view of the rear-view mirror.

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