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Bike adapter for BasicZWO. Premounted for QL1-System of Ortlieb. The Ortlieb-System is not included and must be ordered by Ortlieb.

Bike adapter

SKU: RAD 0001 99
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  • The bike adapter is the supplement to the BasicZWO, which can then also be used as a bike bag. We deliver the adapter already pre-assembled with the fasteners on the BasicZWO. Only the Ortlieb adapter QL1 has to be screwed onto the back of the adapter plate. The necessary drillings are already available.

    Important: The required Ortlieb adapter QL1 is not included in the scope of delivery. These must be ordered separately.

    Here are the item numbers for the Ortlieb QL1 system:
    - Ortlieb QL1 item number: #E162 (approx. €10.99)
    - Ortlieb QL1 rail (short): #E170 (approx. 6.99€)

    You can find more details here:BasicZWO

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