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Universal carrier for one bag (one carrier, felt pad, one BasicONE).


FreeSolo - Universal carriersystem for one bag

SKU: UNT 2200 99
VAT Included |
  • The set consists of a carrier and a BasicONE window bag(s).

    This system can be easily attached to any wall  and consists of an upper strut and a lower strut. The overlay of the bags is foldable and can be used as a cup holder, for example. If you want to sleep underneath the bags, you can remove the bags and either fold away the holder or use it as a shelf. The felt pad has a glasses holder and a compartment for your cell phone, for example. 

    In everyday life, this foldable holder is also extremely useful. The shelf is fixed by the sewn-in magnet and you have no loss of loading capacity in your van, since almost nothing protrudes into the vehicle.

    This system was developed by us in cooperation with SpaceCamper.

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