New: FreeSolo - the small universal carrier for box vehicles and micro campers.

New: FreeSolo -The first universal mounting system for one bag

Smutje - the detachable storage rack

Smutje - the detachable storage rack

Stuva - the treat shelf

Stuva - the treat shelf

Torkaav - the kitchen roll holder

Torkaav - the kitchen roll holder


Installation video of mountingsystem

Our textiles are free of harmfull substances


no Phythalate

no Benzofluoranthene

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What is a Felleisen, the German word for “knapsack”?

The word actually comes from the French “valise”. It was a kind of satchel once used by travelling journeymen to carry all sorts of important and valuable items on their travels – a travel bag that could be relied on. Post bags and riding satchels were also known as Felleisen. We’ve decided to give this old word a new lease of life, representing the antithesis to today’s hectic world, as, at the end of the day, you should be able to kick back and relax when taking a trip in your VW van and to do so, you need a storage bag you can rely on.

The bare necessities

With Felleisen, you can set up your VW as you like, thanks to our range of window bags and covers which are just as flexible as your van itself. We believe that you shouldn’t be forced to buy what you don't need, and so we also sell our mounting fixtures separately and provide tips on how to retrofit in our forum.

A window storage bag should be just as sturdy and reliable as the old Felleisen once were

...that’s the only way it should be. Simple, robust and well thought-out, and easy to carry to and from your van. A modern-day knapsack.