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Felleisen   Windowbags

More storage space, flexibility and comfort on the go.

Find the right bag system for your van.

More flexibility and comfort on the go.

Our multifunctional window bags with patented carrier system offer you maximum storage space in your van.

Find the right bag system for your vehicle in the shop.


As enthusiastic van owners, outdoor fans and athletes, we have been successfully developing bag systems and solutions for years to make your everyday life with your van or bike even more relaxed and flexible.

We have developed a whole range of useful and versatile features for your van that enrich your van life and make it easier.

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Whether everyday life or outdoor adventures. Felleisen Van-Packing is your outfitter for vans.

furiron  bike

Our bike bags offer many useful features for bikers and are guaranteed to be the right choice for your adventures on two wheels.